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Los Angeles Parking lot line painting services

Los Angeles Area Parking Lot Line Painting Services

Licensed, Bonded and Insured
Los Angeles, Orange County and Inland Empire
Parking Lot Line Painters

Licensed, bonded and insured, Industrial Contracting Specialists, Inc. is an experienced parking lot line painting company. We work with business owners, property managers, warehouse, commercial and residential builders and parking lot property contractors throughout the City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, Orange County and Inland Empire areas.

We use top of the line parking lot line painting stencils, paint and machines. Our team is experienced with both gas powered and hand powered line painting striping machines. We work on all types of asphalt and concrete applications.

Parking lot line painting, curb marking and road striping project experts, we will complete our work on time.

Make your parking lot look great with professional parking lot line striping services that allow for smooth, safe parking and traffic flow. Rely on our expertise to select the best and fastest line paint and machines for your specific parking lot applications. We will make sure the parking lot striping paint you choose meets all regulations for your municipality including type, color and consistency.

We offer:

  • Re-Striping after seal coating
  • Re-Striping of faded lines
  • New Lot Layout
  • Stenciling
  • Oil / Solvent Based Paint
  • Water Based Fast Dry Paint
  • Thermoplastic Paint
  • Reflective Paint
  • No Parking
  • Fire Lane
  • Reserved
  • Drive Thru
  • Numbering

Full Service Full Parking Line Painting, Striping and Warning markings - We do all types of parking lot line projects - Fast, On Time, Done Right

Parking Lot Striping Line Painting

All projects and services provided for City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, Orange County and Inland Empire area businesses, residential, government and municipalities parking garages and parking lots. We work with commercial and residential builders and contractors. We perform warehouse floors and parking lot line striping to add temporary or permanent boundaries and lines. We work with perma-light and temporary anti-slip vinyl tape strips to improve visibility and safety, even in the dark. We also install round acrylic reflectors for marking obstructions or boundaries.

All Parking Lot Striping Paint Types

We work with all types of parking lot and warehouse floor paints including:

Regular, High Performance, Hybrid, Alkyd, Chlorinated Rubber, Water Based, Oil Based, Solvent Based, Fast Dry, Thermoplastic (Plastec), Cold Applied, Hot Applied, Reflective, Reflective Glass Beads, Local Municipalities and DOT Approved

Water Based Paint -- Less harmful to the environment and often requested by our customers, water based paints can help lower costs. Fast dry parking lot line paints are specially formulated to be dry to the touch in approximately 5 minutes and traffic ready in approximately 15.

Time Is Money -- Using Fast Dry Water Based Paint can speed up project completion time and allow you to get back to normal business operations quicker.

Striping and Paint Clean Up

We provide safe and easy clean up services for all types of paints including hard to remove oil and solvent based paints.

Clean-up of solvent based paints requires special solvent thinning products such as mineral spirits or toluene. Solvent based paint, when in wet form will repel water, making it very difficult to clean up solvent based paints with water. We will do the work for you.

Licensed and Insured


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